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Red Sky boatyard, one of the premier boatyards in the country, is at the core of the Wooden Boat Center's operations. Established in 2004, Red Sky specializes in repairing classic boats, designing new wooden boats and boat building.

Red Sky’s skilled craftsmen work in a purpose built, temperature and humidity controlled, wooden boat building facility. Quality woods sourced from around the world and the finest traditional as well as modern tools are used by our professional boat builders.

Red Sky experts approach each project with the same high standards. Small or large, new build or restoration, the job is carefully planned, budgeted and executed.

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Red Sky Craft

Red Sky Craft

Red Sky Craft

Red Sky Craft




Blue Marlin

Complete restauration project 2009-2013

Blue Marlin - History

In 1936 Charles E. Nicholson, the premier naval architect of his time, began to plan and build a new 12 Metre yacht for Marion B. Carstairs of Bermuda (1900-1993). The yacht was built at the Camper & Nicholson Gosport Yard in the United Kingdom to plan #454, and named "Hurricane".

Marion Betty "Joe" Carstairs was a power boat racing enthusiast, world citizen and supposedly Marlene Dietrich's lover. She won the Harmsworth Trophy in 1928, a prestigious speed boat racing award.

Although “Joe” began the 12 Metre project and registered the boat as K10 “Hurricane” with the home port of Portsmouth, she never took possession of the yacht. “Hurricane” was sold before launch to C.E.A. Hartridge in 1937.

As the racing season came to an end in 1937 the yacht once again changed hands. The new owner was Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith, knighted as a “Commander of the British Empire” (1888–1989). Sopwith was an English aviation pioneer as well as a celebrated yachtsman. He renamed the yacht "Blue Marlin", K17 and painted it "Endeavour-blue" for the 1938 season.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Redesign - Rebirth

Pedrick Yacht Design - David Pedrick

Blue Marlin will be a high quality restoration for Concours d’Elegance finish, a competitive addition to the 12mR Baltic fleet, and a suitable cruising yacht.

Naval architect David Pedrick and the yard are going through the full ISO process to obtain CE certification – perhaps the first antique yacht restoration to make that commitment. Blue Marlin will meet current regulatory standards of a new yacht. Even though it is not required, it is prudent to do so.

Pedrick Yacht Designs engineered all the framing and drew every metal piece in its 3D CAD model of the hull. From that the shapes were lofted and the nested plate layouts were waterjet cut from large bronze plates.

Blue Marlin will be a cruiser racer with suitable fresh water, black water and fuel tanks. The main engine will be a Yanmar 75 kW with a cog-belt-drive system to a conventional, off-CL shaft and strut.

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Metal Structure

Welded Bronze

Welded bronze frames have replaced the original riveted steel frames. The floor and stem girders as well as all metal structure within Blue Marlin is now bronze which increases the life span of the boat.dramatically. The scantlings in the lower ends of the frames throughout the ballast keel and the five frames at the mast have been increased to substantially improve the transverse strength of the hull, while also comfortably meeting the current structural standards of ISO and ABS.

Pedrick Yacht Designs engineered all the framing and drew every metal piece in its 3D CAD model of the hull. The shape of each metal piece was lofted and the nested plate layouts were water-jet cut from large bronze plates.

Red Sky combined forces with welding machine manufacturer and welding experts Kemppi Ltd to develop the best system for the specific needs of the bronze welding on Blue Marlin. All welding work has been done by Red Sky's master welder Tapani Sakki

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Winches and fittings

Hardware and fittings without compromises

Custom made Harken winches: Chris Winter of CWSC is working closely with Harken to develop bronze winches to specifications provided by Pedrick Yacht design. The goal is to maintain the shape and style of the original 1930’s winches while updating the function of the winches to modern standards. The cockpit winches can be fitted with self tailing drums for cruising and standard drums for the racing layout. Four of the self tailing cockpit winches are motorized for easy handling by a short handed crew in cruise mode.

All hardware below the Spinnaker pole level on Blue Marlin will be bronze. Great effort is made to maintain original appearance but minimum compromise is made in actual modern day function . Careful attention to detail by designers and consultants working with the leading experts in bronze hardware and wooden block construction ensures a vintage look.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Engine and Tanks

Yanmar engine: Pedrick Yact Design put considerable research into coming up with the Ynamar 110 mhp engine which will power Blue Marlin. Smaller engines were considered, but the 110hp was chosen to power Blue Marlin through waves at sufficient speed with additional benefit of a larger prop for maneuvering in harbor.

TEK tanks: These modern custom tanks are installed on Blue Marlin so she meets the standards of modern cruising yachts and complies with current maritime waste discharge laws. Fuel tank size combined with a carefully designed engine/propeller combination should provide for possible non-stop motoring from Helsinki to Copenhagen!

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Mast and Boom

Sitka spruce mast designed by Juliane Hempel

Red Sky has the mast in a single full length piece at this stage. This involved gluing pieces of Sitka Spruce lumber from John Lammerts van Beuren together. While the lumber is standard stock size, it is anything but standard stock.. Each piece of the Sitka Spruce is cut to size to take advantage of the grain direction and the effect it will have on the overall stiffness and directional flexibility/stability of the mast.

During the later construction phase the mast will have internal reinforcement installed at key stress points. Finally it will be fitted with a full length track for sail slides

Blue Marlin will have a Sitka Spruce boom fitted for 2 reefs and a flattening reef. A traditional style vang to the to the toe rail will be used. The boom will be hollow with reef lines and topping lift led internally. A bronze track on the boom top will take the bronze sail slides holding the mainsail foot to the boom.

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Djinn US80

World Cup fine tuning and optimization 2009 and 2011

Djinn was originally built by Henry B. Nevins Boatyard in New York for America's Cup Hall of Fame honoree Henry S. Morgan, Esq. Details on Henry S. Morgan

She is a well known yacht being an almost identical sister to Goose (US 81)


Sparkman & Stephens, year 1938

Original owner:
Harry S. Morgan

Henry Nevins Yard, New York


Attack FIN68 - 6mR

New deck 2007 and new wooden mast 2008

Cabin removed 2007 and new sitkaspruce deck was built like it was in Harry Becker's original drawings. 2009 she got new sitka spruce racing mast with stainless steel fittings. Mast height is 14m and weight is 63kg which is class rule minimum.


Harry Becker, year 1939

Original owner:

Rödesunds Båtvarv, Sweden


May Be VI - FIN51 - 6mR

New wooden mast 2007 - World Cup optimization 2011

Originally the Yacht was owned by the commodore of the KSSS ( The Royal Swedish Yacht Club) Mr. Sven Salén. In fact, all six-metre yachts owned by the Salén family have been called May Be


Tore Holm, year 1946

Original owner:
Sven Salen

Tore Holms Varv, Sweden

May Be VI

Carlotta - CA32

Cutts & Case Method Powerboat designed by Allan Savolainen

Ultra modern wooden boat with traditional look. Cutts & Case method built double-planking hull with kevlar and powerful six cylinder turbo charged diesel engine

Check out the video on Wooden Boat Center site

Allan Savolainen, year 2009

Yanmar 315 hp

Top Speed 32 kts, cruising speed 20-25 kts


Complete renovation 2006-2007

Ian was the last 6mR Estlander built for himself. It won the Gold Cup in 1930 and was for years one of the most successful sixes in Sweden.

She has been completely restored to original specification.


Gustaf Estlander, year 1929

Original owner:
Gustaf Estlander

Arendals Båtvarv, Göteborg


Fridolin - FIN12

World Cup fine tuning 2009 and 2011


Tore Holm, year 1930

Original owner:
Sven Salen

Tore Holms Varv, Sweden


Boree IV - FIN70

New Deck and keel wood 2009


Sparkman & Stephens, year 1963

Original owner:
Mr. Pierre Bigar, Geneva


Boree IV

Toogooloowoo V - FIN55

New deck 2010 and improved hardware

Toogooloowoo V is the second Six Metre construction to be commissioned by John Taylor. The name is from the Australian Aborigine. Her design closely follows that of the 12 Metres Intrepid and Valiant with fuller stem sections of the latter. Toogy is the only six metre to have been built to the loophole discovered in the Rule for measuring the waterline length


Sparkman & Stephens, year 1970

Original owner:
John Taylor

Billy Barnett, Australia

Toogooloowoo V

Racing Masts

High grade Sitka Spruce masts for classics

Red Sky has manufactured high grade racing masts for 6mR and 8mR yachts. All masts includes custom made stainless steel or bronze fittings made by Red Sky Master Welder Mr. Sakki.

Each piece of the Sitka Spruce is cut to size to take advantage of the grain direction and the effect it will have on the overall stiffness and directional flexibility/stability of the mast.

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Marine Travelift

Trustworthly Docking Services

Our 50-Ton Travelift is a safe and gentle method to haul a boat resulting in less stress on the hull.

The TraveLift provides a great opportunity for customers looking for the following: Boat storage, any type of repair, boat maintenance.

Max width:
5 800 mm

Max weight:
50 000 kg

Winter storage area on yard:
1 200 m2

Winter storage in cold shed:
500 m2

Docking Manager:
Taneli Hakkarainen

Mobile Phone:
+358 44 203 2935

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin Blue Marlin


Passion for Yachts

– Red Sky's staff consists of boatbuilders as well as various professionals who are responsible for designing boats, building new boats, restoration and repair of boats, as well as lifting and winter storage. All boatbuilders have graduated from the professional school in Hamina.

Allan Savolainen

Boat Yard Manager
Boat Builder and Boat Designer

Graduated 1998 from Hamina Wooden Boat School.
Studied and Worked in Cutts & Case boatyard in USA 1996
Responsible for many challenging boatbuilding and renovation projects

Tel: +358 400 803 780

Taneli Hakkarainen

Docking Manager, Boat Builder

Graduated 2007 from Hamina Wooden Boat School.

Expertise: Boat Lifting and Docking

Tel: +358 44 203 2935

Allan Savolainen and his team at Red Sky Craft have been doing excellent work on the project, and cooperation between the naval architect and the yard has been excellent.

David Pedrick
Pedrick Yacht Design Ltd.


Pedrick Yacht Designs
Pedrick Yacht Designs

Head designer in Blue Marlin refit project

Touchwood BV
Touchwood B.V

Best quality wood for classic yachts and racing rigs

Stråhlmann Yacht Design
Strahlmann Yacht Design

Yacht designer in many renovation projects

Extra Marine
Extra Marine

Boat engine maintenance and installations

Yachtkonstruktion Dipl. Ing  Juliane Hempel
Dipl. Ing Juliane Hempel

Mast designs for 6mR 8mR and 12mR

Carvel Yacht
Carvel Yacht

High quality boat builder, Subcontractor in Blue Marlin project

CW Sailing Consultant LTD
CW Sailing Consultant

Boat optimization, tuning and coaching

Cutts & Case Inc
Cutts & Case, Inc.

Experts in Cutts Method construction


Finnish Wooden Boat Center

- What makes the new building unique and a leader at international standards is the fact that it was purpose-built as a wooden boat yard. Modern technology ensures temperature and humidity control, efficient lighting and sawdust and dust removal. Another special feature is Henrik Andersin’s idea of a boatyard that is open to the public free of charge. The workshop is encircled by a Visitors’ Bridge at the second floor level. The The public can watch the boat wrights at work and observe the fascinating process of boat-building. At the moment, the boatyard’s most notable attraction is the 21-meter-long classic wooden racing yacht Blue Marlin.


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